The Right Foot

Today I restarted P90X. I completed the program a few years ago but will not spend much time dwelling on the journey because I was unsuccessful keeping the weight off. Suffice it to say however, P90X works and fits into my schedule (5am daily workouts, often while my daughter sleeps). The familiarity factor, while helpful, also has its drawbacks. There is nothing like having to push pause on a dvd while you lay on the floor trying to catch your breath between exercises that you previously completed uninterrupted.

As important as today was, I spent a little too much time enjoying my last days of gluttony and found myself in no shape to workout this morning afternoon when I finally joined the land of the living. I regretted it immediately. I was not hydrated, I had not eaten and both showed. I suffered through both the chest and back workout as well as the ab ripper x and documented each (though I would much rather forget both). In the end, there’s something to be said about showing up. That I did. I am strangely optimistic though. If I can make myself workout on days like today, it will be a bit easier when I am eating healthily, am properly hydrated and well rested.

2 thoughts on “The Right Foot

  1. I can totally relate. I lost over 50lbs with a combination of the South Beach Diet and INSANITY workouts, only to find myself struggling through the workouts and trying to appreciate the taste of healthy food again. Sigh

    • Thanks for sharing Moses. Had someone told me I’d be here again I wouldn’t have believed it. But, we know we can do it so we’ll be there again.

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