Me and Tony

Sheesh.. Keeping a blog is almost as hard as the workouts. In both regards, I resolve to do better. Thanks though for all the support to date. Although they’re a few days old I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about an awesome workout I had.

Live workout with Tony Horton – That’s right, I got the chance to workout with Mr. P90x In person. The opportunity came through my participation in the Beat the Deadline National Press Club 5K last Thursday. Three weeks prior, the workout seemed like a great idea. The day of, though I’m no newbie to p90x, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit intimidated about working out in front of a room full of strangers (suffering in the privacy of my living room is one thing, playing myself in front of a room full of strangers suddenly seemed like the very worst idea I’d ever had.

When I arrived at the Press Club I shared the elevator with a pair of Team Beach Body trainers. When I tell them I’m going to the workout the meatneck #1 asks me if I’m sure. The elevator ride wasn’t long enough for my ignoring him to fully be noticed and appreciated. Once inside, I find a safe workout space along the wall in the back of the room -partly because the room was packed and partly because I didn’t want anyone behind me. Out of nowhere the goon from the elevator tells me he’d been looking for me and that I should work out with him in the front where I’d be, “less likely to quit.” While he was 100% correct, I told him that I’d be fine where I was and that if he could do it, I should be fine. It was his turn to ignore me, and he did so as he retreated to whatever crevice he crawled out of.  It was this exchange that pissed me off just enough to not care that I was one of the biggest people in the room, I was there with a task and I intended to complete it.

The workout was something new that Tony said would only be available to certified p90x trainers. He called it Upper Interval Lower Abdominal. It was a beast and left me shaking in a pool of sweat. The good news is, everybody looked hurt by workouts end. Several times I scanned the room for my Cro-Magnon tormentor but I never saw him. I like to tell myself he quit but truth be told he was probably just at the very front getting on somebody else’s nerves. All and all, the work-out was a win – not because I crushed every exercise, but because I showed up and gave my best.

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