Upping the Ante

Competition drives me. It doesn’t matter the contest, chances are, if I understand it,and I have something to do with the outcome, I’m down to bet on it. So here’s the deal. I’d lost 8 pounds since I started this journey (I started at 243) and I went pretty hard on my family for being unhealthy in my last post, so I think I need to put up or shut up (I’m not gonna shut-up, it’s counter blogtuitive). So, here goes. While I’m in Cali for my family reunion (6 days), I have to lose at least 2 pounds. Sounds easy, here’s why it’s not: In and Out, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Jim’s Burgers, El Pollo Unico (10 times better than El Pollo Loco) Pie n’ Burger, Harold and Belle’s, and Bill’s Chicken (my boy’s mom owns it -yea she’s Bill). This is my standard list of must eat foods while I’m home. That list plus my family reunion should be enough to give back the pounds I’ve lost, but add to that a bona fide case of home Sickness due to not setting foot on Cali ground since 2010 and this is more than a fair fight. I’m the underdog. No matter; not only do I plan not to recoup my losings, I intend to weigh in Wednesday morning to find out that I’m at 20% of my total 50 pound weight-loss goal.

The Bet

For every pound I am above my 233 pound checkpoint I will donate $10 to Hampton (I went to Howard, a peerless bastion of social and academic excellence. Hampton is like Howard’s dim-witted kid brother that frustratingly tries in earnest to make a name for himself) University’s annual fund. Because I’m a gadget geek, I own a super-scale. My scale records my weight BMI and percentage of body fat to my iPhone. It also automatically sends my weight to my twitter feed (I’m a glutton for punishment) which is listed along the side of this blog. All that to say, while I don’t see the point in cheating this takes the possibility of fudging the stats out of the equation.

Suffice it to say, losing weight is its own reward. However, there are times when upping the ante is not only appropriate it’s necessary. Game on!

One thought on “Upping the Ante

  1. You blogged it, it is in my email….so now you have to do it! We are all believing in you so push away from the table and go hard while you are in Cali bro!

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