Push back

Me & Party Rock Kid before our hike

I believe in the universe. To be clear, I am a Christian and am finding my way -but aside from my religious beliefs, I believe in the universe, as a force of energies that are neither good or bad but can be harnessed for either cause. When we manifest to the universe, we create energy that will ultimately make its way back to us. Ever have a tough breakup and see cars like your ex’s all over town (note: if you’re actually seeing your ex’s car all over town, you’re a stalker, or being stalked. Either way, seek help). It’s not that your city has had an influx of ex-mobiles, it’s because that breakup is in the forefront of your mind and you’ve become more keenly aware of what was always there. It’s the same idea behind vision boards, writing down goals and positive affirmations. It’s also why you should not surround yourself with negative people.

In my personal walk, when I put energy out there, the next thing I do is brace myself because I can rest assured that I’ll be thoroughly tested. I call it push back. Push back is not malicious. Rather, its an opportunity to show the universe you’re serious about that goal to get to work on time, commitment to save the whales or that vow of celibacy.

In my last post I threw down the gauntlet… on myself. I committed to losing at least 2 pounds, (thereby putting me at -10 pounds and 20% of the way to my overall weight-loss goal) while on a 5 day trip to California. I failed. I lost 1.7 pounds but came in .3 pounds short my goal. In the long run, this is great. I’m on my way and making gains which is cool, but as it relates to my challenge, I came up short. I knew it’d be a challenge, so I prepared. I signed up for a 24 hour Fitness 3 day free pass and a 7 day free pass to Golds, and I signed up for a free crossfit class (don’t tell anybody but I’m heavily considering doing a free class tour of every cross fit gym in D.C. -that’s about the only way I can afford it). My best laid plans were foiled. The gyms required a local ID and Ella went into a fit whenever daddy wasn’t around thereby crushing my plan A. To make matters worse, my mother’s DVD player wouldn’t play my P90X dvd’s; plan B, down the tubes.

In desperate need of a plan C, I took to the streets, literally. I took lots and lot of uptempo stroller walks. If I had a friend that wanted to come over and see the baby, bring your shoes, we walking. I even caught up with one friend on a 4 mile hike with Ella on my back. In all, I got in almost 12 miles, in time that would have either been used sitting around or eating.

My eating was to be commended. See below:

  • In and Out – Skipped
  • Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles – Skipped
  • Jim’s Burgers -Skipped
  • El Pollo Unico – Indulged (1/2 chicken with beans rice, pico de gallo and corn tortillas)
  • Pie n’ Burger – Indulged (chili cheese burger and fries)
  • Harold and Belle’s -Skipped
  • Bill’s Chicken – Stopped in to say hello to friends, but did not eat
  • Family reunion – ate but did not over eat.

All that said I still owe Hampton a check. Thankfully, given the terms of the bet ($10 for every pound I am over my goal) I will only sending them a check for $3.00.

Side by side comparisons of my weigh-ins.

*I showed this picture to a trainer at my gym and asked him why it appears that my lean mass has dropped and my fat mass has increased. He said that fat and lean mass have a lot of factors (e.g. hydration) and can be misleading. I’m not completely comfortable with his answer so I’ll do some research on the issue on my own.


2 thoughts on “Push back

  1. Hey you did a good job. A success, however small compared to your broader goal, is still a movement forward on the right path. You lost weight and you disciplined yourself! I am most impressed by the “walking with baby” moves you used; I need to incorporate that with my boys. Keep up the good work, we are watching!

  2. Congrats my friend. You are doing great! Don’t beat yourself up about losing 1.6 pounds instead of 2. Progress is progress. You have really found a way to incorporate your goal into everyday life which is a challenge and very commendable. I love that you have included Ella in your workouts, and that you look at it as a replacement of time that you would be doing nothing or eating. You are well on your way and I’m so proud of you! Keep up the good work:)

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