Moment of Weakness

I have a bad habit that I call “one more thing.” It’s easy to spot in others, I have a friend who swears his life would be set if he could just get _________. I know women whose purse or shoe collections would be complete if they could just add ___________. I even know people with seemingly the perfect would-be mate if they just had or did or made __________. It’s a mess to witness, and even worse to experience because even though you know you’re in the midst of doing it, you tell yourself you can break the habit right here, right now, if you could just get ____________.

My weakness is related to working out. I’d be willing to bet that I own more workout clothes than many athletes. I have tons of sports gadgets. I own more pairs of goggles than times I went swimming in 2011 (true story, in the last 3 weeks, I purchased a pair of hand paddles to improve my stroke a few weeks ago and another pair of goggles but I haven’t swum.. swum? swam? mmm let’s go with swum). I have a particular weakness for gym memberships. Since the year 2000, I’ve been a member of Bally’s, Results, The National Capitol YMCA, Washington Sports Club, LA Fitness, the House of Representatives Staff Gym, and currently I’m now a member at the GSA Staff Gym (I don’t even know what GSA does and I can assure you that I’m not, nor have I ever been on their staff). I guess I’ve always felt that if i joined just the right gym I’d become that fitness nut I’ve always wanted to be.. still waiting.

Wednesday I accompanied a friend to her new gym Vida. More than a gym, Vida is a lifestyle. Beautiful people all about, tons of classes, everybody smiling and loads and loads of frills and swank. I worked out on a cardio machine that’d report my stats directly to my iphone, took a boxing, then a yoga class, and finished the day off with a visit to the steam room. A word about the steam room. I’d never been in one and am not sure about the rules, but I was more than surprised when a guy came into a co-ed steam room naked. Is it just me? The gym’s showers looked like something out of a commercial. Each was the size of a handicapped restroom stall and featured body-wash, shampoo conditioner and some sort of citrus sugar body scrub (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t taste it).. They won me over, I went home deciding to sign up.
Thursday morning, sober from my gymstravaganza, I did the math. In a given 30-day month, 15 of those days, I’ll have my daughter. On my 15 available days, 4 of those days will be weekends and I’m a lot less likely to go downtown to workout on the weekend. That left me with 11 days. Even on my best grind, 11 days just isn’t enough to justify the cost of joining VIDA. It didn’t matter. I was all set to say goodbye (again) to Comcast to pay for Vida (afterall sitting and watching TV is part of the problem not the solution right?), when it hit me. It’s not about Vida, like it wasn’t about any of those other gyms. I’m the constant, and until I follow through with my commitment, my membership(s) won’t matter.
I’ve got to push harder.
I don’t have the type of flex-time that I had a year ago, but that doesn’t make my goals impossible. It just means I have to be more serious about them. I have to attack them more systematically. I’m up for it. The first step will be knowing that I have all the tools I need to meet my goal.

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