The Beauty of Doing What You Hate

It’s no wonder how Tony came up with a winning mantra, he borrowed it from the Champ!

Tony Horton is a genius. Or, at least, he had one great idea -P90x, and is milking it for all it’s worth. I tend to believe the former. A few weeks ago I went to a live p90x workout led by Tony. When the workout was over, he spent some time talking to the crowd. During his speech he said something that I haven’t been able to shake since, “do what you hate.”

There’s plenty to be said about honing a passion but Tony’s focus revolved around investing time and energy into those things he hated. Admittedly, this may not work in all instances:  Allen Iverson and practice,  honey badger and anything else in nature, and  Wayne Brady and Bill Maher are all excellent examples of things that should not be commingled. Yesterday, I threw my hat into the ring and faced some of my biggest fitness foes.

My left thigh measures 2 inches larger than my right (crazy huh).  Although I’m pretty sure I use both legs about the same, somehow (probably as a result of two knee surgeries) my left leg compensates for the right and over time has become stronger. Actually it’s probably more accurate to say that my right knee has become weaker, since both legs need significant work. Yesterday I went to the gym across from my job and talked to one of the trainers about leg strengthening exercises. She gave me three.

  1. Walking Lunges, with a weighted bar behind my head
  2. Step ups (I used a regular gym issued step with 10 platforms under each side)
  3. Bulgarian split squats .

None of the exercises looked too tough. In fact, I was kind of disappointed and I regretted seeking her help. Then, I tried them. After two rounds of ten reps for each leg, I was dripping with sweat. To top it off she showed me a stretch that helped to open my hips (another problem for another day). I felt great. So much so that I decided to run. I didn’t put in much time, my goal was to stay until I burned 400 calories. I got my 400 and headed home.

After I got home I decided to go all in. Before I could get comfortable, I put on my swim trunks, grabbed one of the way too many pairs of goggles for any man to have, and I walked 5 blocks to my neighborhood pool. I love the concept  of swimming and at onetime was actually pretty good at it, but I gave back my gills long ago. Now, I hate the fact that my technique and stamina have fallen so far off, suffice it to say, “It ain’t like riding a bike.” I splashed and flailed for about 500 yards then decided to leave some water in the pool, and that the spectacle was over; it was time to go home.

On my way home, it hit me, my hate coup de grace, the one thing that I dread most about getting fit, and that stands between me and my goal, tracking my food. I put a call out to my facebook friends seeking suggestions and asking if anyone would be down to help me be accountable. I got a lot of responses and recommendations, and this morning I became a member of (if you’re a member send me a friend request my username is dkbruner). The site is a free tool that lets you track your food and exercise. By 7:00 a.m. I had 4 friends join me.  While I’m not crazy about food tracking, it is a means to an end that I intend to see.

All and all, it was a good day, a template creating type of day. I look forward to looking back on yesterday as the start of something(s) great. But for now, my legs hurt.

4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Doing What You Hate

  1. I got you big homie!! Just dont look to my eating habits as a template. Monday through Friday afternoon I eat pretty clean w/ tons of protein and VERY few carbs….but you know how I get down on the weekends. Pizza, burgers, and alcohol all rear their ugly heads. LOL!

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