Operation: Juicy Fruit

So I’ve been called impulsive. It’s not true. In reality I go over things in my head (over and over and over). My mania aside, when it comes to things, particularly gadgets, I stalk them. I don’t just read about them, I pour over reviews, compare prices and watch industry trends. For over a year I’ve been watching juicers. I like smoothies and have been on a kitchen gadget kick for a while so it just seemed to make sense. Except it didn’t. My blender works fine, and what’s the difference between a smoothie and a juice anyway? Then I met Joe.

Well… I didn’t really meet Joe. I saw a commercial for his website. The website features an hour and forty minute movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (sounds fun right?), that for a couple of weeks I had been putting off watching. I finally peeped it. The story is awesome and made my trigger finger begin to itch. Still, juicers are expensive and I couldn’t justify the purchase. Until Tuesday. Tuesday morning I got a call to do a focus group that, in exchange for 90 min of hearing my unfounded opinions on what could range from video games to which whiskeys I’m more inclined to buy, they would pay me $200 (gotta love living in D.C.). Later that day I got a call from an aunt in California who’d independently seen Joe’s movie and who’d seen a sale on Breville juicers for $100. So today, I blathered for an hour and a half, I got my juicer and I stopped by Costco (where I had a slice supreme pizza and an italian sausage.. don’t judge me) and dropped the other $100 on rabbit food.

I was born to juice. I’m built for it! If I were a mobster, I’d juice my enemies! So I’m still working on my master plan but just know that in my first 20 ounce juice-coction, I drank the following:

  1. 1 tomato
  2. 1 apple
  3. 1 pear
  4. a fist-full of spinach
  5. a fist-full of kale
  6. 3 carrots
  7. 4 strawberries
  8. 1/2 red bell pepper
  9. 1/2 orange bell pepper
  10. 1/2 yellow bell pepper
  11. a fist-full of blue berries
  12. a fist-full of raspberries.
  13. a table spoon of flax seed (I also bought coffee grinder to grind my flax seed. No I don’t feel shame at all).

*Word to the wise: Stay around the house for about an hour after your first glass of super juice – it goes through the old system super fast!

** Last thing: Juicers (through a process of extracting juice) make it possible for a person to consume much more fruits and vegetables which are then more quickly absorbed into the body in their liquid form. Smoothies break fruit and vegetables down into a thicker, drinkable form. Smoothie advocates argue that the additional roughage created by breaking down skin and including pulp make smoothies more filling.

It’s only too expensive if you’re not going to use it to enhance your life.

16 thoughts on “Operation: Juicy Fruit

  1. I must say the photo of the assorted fruits and vegetables looks like it was put together by a food stylist and photographed by a professional! Keep us posted about your adventures in juiceland.


    • The happiest of birthdays to you, Dedan. May you have many years of health, happiness and prosperity!



  2. Right on. I bought a juicer in February and we’ve done a lot of juicing together since that time. It’s great for me because now I eat vegetables I would otherwise ignore or resent every bite. Plus, I get virtue points (my own private tally system) for eating them raw, rather than cooked. On the downside, I do sneak in some raw apple juice to make the stuff sweeter. My vegetable smoothie is usually a variation of: Kale (lots), spinich (lots), kiwi, 1/2 apple, mint and/or ginger. Occasionally I’ll add carrots, but I don’t like to mix non-green stuff in with my greens (am I weird?). My fruit smoothie is: Blueberries, strawberries, banana, mint. I put a dab of flaxseed oil in both brews.

    Let us know if you come up with some particularly lip-smacking concoctions (bell peppers? really?)…and Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Hey Neph.
    I have enjoyed the pleasures and know that the concoctions are hazzard forming with the hour or two delay for measures (I do okay each day like clockwork) Bannanas are my kick with carrots an apple and OJ. The potassium is needed at a young age. The “nannas” are a solid source and keeps you off of how much potassium to take in pill form (you must keep this right).
    Forgive my spelling. My Birthday was on the 8th and I am still celebrating.

    LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good job on the juicing …You make me want to break out my juicer again…
    Give my Great Niece XXXOOO
    Love You,
    Auntie Donna

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your take on the juicer. I used to have one and of course it stayed in the closet. Now I’m thinking about getting another one.

  6. Just wanted to say Happy B-Day Dedan! Wishing you a fun filled day. OK so I have one question. Does a juicing connoisseur get birthday cake? Your friend and your mom’s…Kim

  7. Wow! We are moving on he same path. I a green juice full of good stuff every morning and see the benefits! I am reversing aging–a great goal at 60! Thank you for this amazing site. You inspire me to do something like this to share with loved ones and total strangers! Oh…Happiest of birthdays today!

    Tamara Smiley Hamilton, Scripps ’74!

  8. when you juice your fruits, do you core them or leave the seeds? i’ve been known to eat an entire apple top down so that you get to the see the seed star core in the middle. people like to scare you about apple seeds but people are dumb. oh and a thought: are you going to juice a birthday cake too? if you are, you might try a plain white sponge and leave out the frosting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  9. Happy birthday Dedan! I love the photo of the vegies. Hope you do soomething good to celebrate your bithday!

    Love you,

  10. Happy Birthday Dedan….I am so happy that you are committed to your health and well being with passion, honesty, humor and discipline. I remember reading a quote from the beloved Revolutionary Extraordinaire, Angela Davis “we don’t have anything if we don’t have our health.” Right on brotha!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Dedan!

    Juicing is the most healthful habit I ever learned from my amazing mother. She started back in theearly 70’s with a Champion. Surely, juicing has been one of the secrets of her longevity and purity of mind, body and spirit. So, it’s not just luck and good genes for her to be a happy, healthy and hopeful octogenarian. May fresh juice continue to flow in her life and in yours for years to come!

    Francine Farr ’76

  12. Happy Birthday Dedan!

    I just started juicing too.

    I like adding Ginger to my juice – it’s great when added to green apple, cucumber, and fresh mint and lime juice!!

    Also, I hear that adding a few grapes to spinach or kale juices make them easier on the pallate.

    Keep it up.
    Tanya Q., Scripps 94

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