Gut Check 2.0

— Apologia —

Just when you think you’ve got the hang of something, expect the unexpected.  This morning (7-26-12) I came up with a title I thought would be good for my weight-loss update post, so I whipped out my trendy gadget phone, opened my wordpress app and typed in the name. I then saved the name, closed the app, and preceded with my morning.  It wasn’t until I started getting calls from friends letting me know that I published a blank post, that I knew what I’d done.  Thanks for bearing with me.  Know that I learn as I bumble, I appreciate your support (even if that support comes in the form of a text saying “WTF”), and that this is far from the last mistake I’ll make. You’ve been forewarned.

The Check in

While it was kinda touch and go at the beginning, I consider May 18, 2012 as the beginning of my current weight loss journey. If for no other reason, that’s the date that I recorded several of my statistics. Since I’ve already screwed the pooch on my first attempt to write this post, I’ll just save the dictum and just post the stats.

While I have a long way yet to go, I’ve lost 20 pounds.

Neck  – 15″ (no change)

Chest  40″   –  39″ (an inch? Seriously?)

Stomach 42″  – 41″ (see above)

Waist  42″  –  41″  (see above again..)

Bicep  L – 14 3/4″  / R – 14 3/4″    –   L – 13″ / R – 13″  (Sucks to see shrinking biceps.. but I guess it was fat)

Thigh  L – 26″  R – 24″   –  L – 25.5″ / R – 24″ (at least they’re closer to the same size)

Calf   L –  16″ /  R – 16″  (No change)

In all I’m pumped to see that I’m shedding pounds though strangely, they don’t seem to be coming from anywhere. A friend said they can see it in my face. All I keep thinking is that I must have had a really fat face..

Nonetheless, with my race right around the corner I intend to step it up for the month of August. Thanks for all the support and tips thus far, It’s heartening to know that I’m not alone on my journey.

Parting Shot

Today I had lunch at Chick-Fil-A today. There was a time when my standard order was a spicy chicken sandwich combo (large) and a sweet tea. Oh, and a 12 piece nugget as well. Today I ordered the 12 piece nuggets and substituted the fries with fruit, and the sweet tea with water (sounds unAmerican I know). As I walked out the door feeling glad about my discipline, I remembered that I said I’d curtail my Chick-Fil-A visits in the wake of the recent hubub. Ah well.


So it’s after 11:00 p.m. and I’m 200 points from my daily 5,000 point goal. I didn’t work out today but spent my day off playing with Ella. Between two visits to the Gymboree Play and Learn center in Silver Spring, the Family Room over in Baracks Row, and a day on the town, I certainly got my cardio up. Now I’m running in place in a full out sprint trying to get these last few hundred points before midnight (and without waking Kid Didds. Gotta love ego..

11:34 p.m. Got it!

4 thoughts on “Gut Check 2.0

  1. go didds go! I love the we can see your progress and cheer you on vicariously! now to get my own tail in the gym… 5:00 pm #boom

  2. Have you lost 20 lbs since the Family Reunion? If so, good for you. P.S. You don’t have a fat face, you have a round face and a very short neck… like me and your grandfather Lee. So this makes your face appear fatter than it is. When you gain weight, it’s actually in your neck & chin … making it appear that your chin and adam’s apple are conjoined. So it is important that we keep the weight off. Auntie Mimi.

  3. Dedan, happy belated birthday. Consider me also a friend of a friend. I’m not flaky, really, just absent-minded. I recently started a healthier regimen too. But we’ll have to see if I have your commitment and follow-through.

    PS re: Auntie Mimi’s PS : lol, hilarious. oh Auntie Mimi… =)

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