The Good news is I have lost 25 pounds, and I am halfway to my 50 pound goal. While there is no bad news, there remains lots of room for growth. When I bowl I use a 12 pound ball. To think that I just dropped two of them is unbelievable. As an indicator that I still have much to do, my BMI is 30.8. If it drops below 30, then I will be considered overweight as opposed to my current “obese” status (“normal” is considered below 25). Rather than dread the road ahead, or break my arm patting myself on the back, I will use this opportunity to review some of the tactics I’ve employed this time. In some of In some ways the first pounds are the hardest to lose. At 245 pounds, my body was resistant to change, joints and muscles were weak and stiff due to lack of use, my back hurt when I ran for even the shortest of distances, and my stamina was nonexistent. That said, with only a few detours, each week I’ve gained momentum. There have been tons of tweaks along the way some have worked.. some, not so much.

Meatless Mondays

These were a high-powered addition to my diet. MM have forced me to be more creative and to think about my meals in advance. Ironically, this past Sunday I did not make time to prepare my Monday options. I ended up having oatmeal for breakfast, a falafel salad from Roti for lunch, yogurt and dried figs (more on the dried figs later) and a bean burrito with mango salsa, sour cream and refried beans for dinner.

Operation Take the Steps

I work on the 6th floor and live on the third (different buildings), at home there is no elevator but at work, like a lemming I usually wait for the elevator. A few weeks ago I went for two weeks straight only using the stairs. At the end of the day, it has its benefits but elevators and escalators are my friend and I intend to use them. Besides, I can pick up the cardio work in a number of other ways. As a compromise though, I will walk down the stairs going out.

Nike Fuel Band

I still love it. I swim and take spin classes, neither of which do not accumulate much in the way of fuel points. However, I still love hitting my goals and figuring out ways to maximize my calorie burn each day.


I love my juicer but when I’m running out the door in the morning, it is often overlooked. I want to incorporate juicing into my daily life; I’ll have to do a better job managing my mornings.


Man.. not happening. It is not just like riding a bike. My past success here has not translated and I have not managed to get up, get Baby Didds dressed and fed (on the days that I have her), a workout in, dressed and out the door for work by 7:00a.m. I’m not saying its impossible, but I do not want to have to keep dairy farmer hours to get it done.

Lunchtime Workouts

These have been my secret weapon. Be it spinning, cardio, or a weight circuit, lunchtimes classes at my gym have been a godsend.

Sunday Trail Runs

I could not ask for a better workout. The camaraderie is strong, the trails are tough and we run rain or shine (even though admittedly I would have been okay with skipping the last one). Not only has this been a fantastic way to train for the Tough Mudder it has been an even better way to meet people and get to know some folks I already knew, better.

Monday Swims

Just like Sunday runs, swimming with a group keeps me accountable and keeps what could easily be a monotonous exercise, fresh.


My friend Maria turned me on to NatureBox. For $20 a month the good folks over at NatureBox ship a different mix of healthy snacks. This month I received Far East Rice Crackers, Maui Onion Crunch, Mexicana Mangos, Dried Fancy Figs, and Bombay Curried Cashews. Along with the snacks comes a recipe for a healthy dish you can make using some of your snacks. This month’s recipe is Tropical Rice which is made using some of the mangos. Each of this months snacks, while different, is tasty. I could probably find the snacks cheaper elsewhere, but for the quality and the ability to broaden my horizon, $20 is a pretty good investment. Especially since a few months ago I would treat myself almost daily to $1.50 cookies at a local bakery. To try NatureBox, sign up, and at the checkout type in REFER25 and you will receive 25% off of your order. If you’re on the fence, visit naturebox.com/shareyoursnack for a free snack while supplies last.

Food / Fitness Tracking

Um… yeah… so, no. I hate this. It makes me angry and gets under my skin. However, unlike walking the stairs, this provides a benefit that cannot be easily duplicated elsewhere. That said I will redouble (or just double) my efforts, and do a better job moving forward.

All in all, I feel good about where I am. I’m not killing myself at the gym nor am I starving myself. There are several things that I can do better and I’m thinking about a few things that I can implement. I bought 5 yoga classes on Living Social ($15). I am not a yoga fan, but it is an excellent exercise; leading up to my race, I want to scale back workouts that wear and tear and do more exercises that promote flexibility and greater blood flow. Taking classes instead of doing a video at home will allow me to meet people, get a new experience, I can learn from real people and the classes will hold me accountable (its a lot easier to turn off a DVD than it is to walk out of a class). I’m excited about the road ahead. As I get closer to my target weight of 195, I cannot lose focus. The numbers are a carrot, but my goal is to live healthier life. I’ll get there.


2 thoughts on “Halftime

  1. Tracking helped me drop 30 pounds. Once you get past the annoying part (looking up every damn thing cuz you have no idea the amount of calories in anything), it’s easy. These days I rarely track because it’s all in my head now!

  2. Nice… Thanks for sharing the little things…. I have fallen off my yoga morning routine for a spell and this inspires me to drag the mat out tomorrow morning and do a downward facing dog…or two! Thanks for sharing.

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