Beast Mode

I love this video, but I’m not under any false notion that I’m this guy. Or like this guy. Or that even on my best day, that time when I went real real hard, I went hard like this guy goes hard. It’s just not true. If my fitness regimen, comprising of a blue-tooth enabled, calorie-tracking bracelet, a wifi equipped scale and computer generated diet and fitness analyses, can be considered the digital, it’s very fair to say that old boy in the video is analog. I’m not ashamed to say that I love my tech toys. They make working out fun, a game even. The guy in the video doesn’t look like he’s had fun in years, if ever. There is one thing that bothers me. Whenever I record a run using nike plus or enter a workout one of the two workout tracking sites I use, they ask me to rate how hard I worked out. the question bothers me because it’s a workout, of course I went all out… didn’t I? The answer, more often than not, is no. The guy in the video probably doesn’t have an iphone app on which to record his work. Truth be told, he doesn’t need one. Judging by the looks of this guy, he only has one speed: full, and one mode: beast. Home boy leaves nothing in the proverbial tank. Now that the Tough Mudder is behind me, it’s time that I stepped up my workouts and took a page out of this guy’s book.

While I’m exceedingly proud of the work I’ve put in, its time I stepped up my game up to the next level. Thus far, I’ve adopted the bad habit of pacing myself to ensure that I finish my workouts, but from here on out, I will go all out. If I don’t finish, I’ll mark my progress and try to do a little more the next time. That’s the only true way to maximize the time I’m committing and to achieve maximum results.

Let’s go!

The Tough Mudder was two days ago. Today I’m excited to begin boxing classes at LA Boxing. LA Boxing is a gym known for boxing and martial arts oriented workouts that burn between 800 and 1000 calories. I probably won’t join the gym, I’d need a small business loan just to pay for monthly dues. I was excited to find a Groupon which will allow me to attend 10 classes for for what works out to be less than the price of a Georgetown Cupcake each. After my 10 classes, I’m going to take what I’ve learned, and put it to use against the heavy bag at my home gym.

**For those looking for a Tough Mudder debrief, I’m still processing the experience, and editing the photos. I promise to have something for your soon.

4 thoughts on “Beast Mode

  1. Can’t wait to get all the details on the “Tough Mudder” competition. Meanwhile I’ll just offer a relieved congrats to you and those who competed with you.

  2. That was a good deal on the boxing classes. Good cardio/workout. What’s next? Boot Camp? Weights burn less calories – but for a longer period of time. The good thing is that you are doing something… and mixing it up. You go on wit your bad self.

  3. Dude!!! where did you find the at vid??!! I am so motivated right now! I almost headbutt my monitor! I need to watch that vid everyday before my workouts. I will have a serious workout today. Thanks! Also I totally agree with you about going hard. After months of working out I saw no weight loss. I had to make changes workout-wise and diet-wise. The changes made the difference.

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