So what makes 2017 any different?



For as long as I can remember, annually on January first, I have proudly proclaimed that the new year belonged to me. Mostly, what I intended to do each year differed, but unequivocally, the year was mine. I’ve had some really good years -I completed some races, became a father, and added some life skills. One persistent unmet resolution has been losing and keeping off weight. It should come as no surprise that I have also claimed 2017 as mine. This year I will continue to grow as a father, lose 20% of my body weight, continue to grow professionally, create a daily mindfulness practice, be more present for friends and family, and transition to a cleaner diet. The question is, how?

Without fanfare, the answer is secret weapons. Well, not really secret as much as creative ways to address my challenges. Few argue that there are too many hours in a given day. As such, a constant theme in my weapons will be that they support more than a single of my efforts to better myself. I don’t claim to be an expert at anything, but I am unabashedly willing to try almost anything if it gives me insight into how to become my best self while supporting my efforts to truly make 2017 my year.

Documentation and accountability are keys to growth. This blog is the perfect vehicle to both archive my trials while keeping me accountable to myself. It has an added perk of forcing me to organize my thoughts and to write more frequently. All that makes it a true secret weapon.


3 thoughts on “So what makes 2017 any different?

  1. 2017 is mine as well! Secret weapons are necessary. It is valuable to take in lessons that others have learned to have different perspectives. Thanks for being open about your journey and count me in as one of your top supporters🙋🏽

  2. Amen! Glad to see you back at it. There is a commercial (I think Cheerios) that features a parent and child dancing together… that reminds me of your best resolution. I can picture you and Ella having your dance sessions. Too cute, too fun. Have you seen it? Mimi

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