Ever Forward

This morning my scale read 250.7 pounds. I wish I could tell you that some trickster put a toe on it behind my back or that it was a malfunction or misread. Scratch that; wishing any of those things would take energy and focus away from where it needs to be, my health. Somewhere along the way, my bad habits derailed my gains (read: weight loss).

This past week 197ea5f763708b520178eeb474218804I talked with a friend who is having his own challenge with his weight and we agreed to a sup
porting each other in a Thanksgiving weight-loss challenge. For me, it’s simple – lose 50 pounds between now and Thanksgiving (-1.5 pounds a week). There’s no secret sauce, my strategy will be clean eating, regular exercise, and a few lifestyle tweaks.


The desire to start off on a strong foot is common. It’s also common for frustration to set in when we don’t see immediate results. Since we know a watched pot never boils, today will be the only day I’ll check the scale in the month of April. While I won’t have the a regular numeric update to guide me, I’ll have to rely on ththinmintse plan I put in place. To bolster my initial efforts, I’ve also decided to give up television for the month of April. Extensive scientific evidence and a recent double-blind peer-reviewed study suggests that me staying up to 2am watching television and eating undelivered Girl Scout cookies (If I told you that your delivery was intercepted by bandits, I lied. Sorry…. not sorry) may not support my fitness efforts. Yes, I’m aware what that means. Yesterday, I meal prepped for the week instead of watching what box scores suggests were two great final four games. I’ll miss the national championship game and maybe a round or two of the NBA playoffs, and the debut of season 2 of The Get Down but the truth is, it’s a no-brainer. In the time it takes to watch three episodes of a show I can literally watch anytime, I can do an at home workout, shower, get me and Ella’s clothes ready for the next day and go to bed at a time that will better enable me to hit the next day at full force. Sure there will be fewer dreams of Thin Mints, but that’s probably not a bad thing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.41.45 AM.png

3 thoughts on “Ever Forward

  1. Lol, those better not be my cookies!! I’m proud of you and will commit to checking in and swapping healthy recipe ideas 🙂

  2. Awesome man! Stick to your plan and lean on me if you need any help (I am going to lean on you for sure)! This 50 will be lost one right choice at a time. Keep going D!

  3. I pulling for you – as always. No TV in April? Good luck with that too. You did not mention exercising to kill the spare time.

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