screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-12-01-15-pmWelcome to my blog! Allow me to briefly introduce myself, and explain how I chose the phrase in medias res, as the name of my online journal. I am a father, attorney, amateur photographer, culinary mad scientist and movie buff living in Washington D.C. On more than one occasion I have been accused of being “random” and even “out in left field” so, while the intended purpose of this blog is to chronicle my efforts to get fit, I reserve the right to discuss any oddball thing that comes to mind.

In Medias Res – is a latin phase which roughly translates to mean, in the middle. While most commonly used as a story telling tool where the author begins in the middle, I thought it triply (is that a word?) apropos because here:

  1. it’s impossible for me to start my fitness story at the beginning (my ground zero is today, nothing I have done leading up to today is as important as the work I intend to put in moving forward);
  2. at 35, I am at the half-way point of my life expectancy; and
  3. very literally the bulk of my work will be on my midsection (translation: what long ago was a six-pack has morphed over time into a rather ample keg).

One thought on “About

  1. Bro, I support your blog and your life’s work of making us all better people! Keep it up!

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